out now: Josh – Unchained [Kippschalter]

out now: Josh – Unchained [Kippschalter – schalter002]

Josh is pushing this release with massive hits. Percussive and partly melodic nuances accompany classical elements. In his raw way, Josh is inviting everyone to dance or at least to nod their heads.

1. Josh – Unchained
2. Josh – Thrust
3. Josh – Deeply Contented


played by Richie Hawtin @ Tomorrowland 2015:

Richie Hawtin played „Josh – Deeply Contented (schalter002)“ @ Tomorrowland 2015


Posted by Kippschalter on Montag, 17. August 2015


Chris Liebing / NovaMute, CLR


John Selway (CSM) / CSM, INTERPULL

jacking, not too brutal.

Joachim Spieth / Affin


Andrew Grant (Circo Loco)

Thrust is heavy

Dave Tarrida

like unchained

Slam / Soma Records

dark and deep – thanx

Sebastian Roya / Connaisseur, Absurd Recordings, Akbal Music, ATT Series


Patrick Lindsey / Funkwelle, Hideout, Alfa Romero Recordings, Inmotion Music

unchained is my pick!

Pascal Feos / Highgrade Records, Karmarouge, Non Level Zero, Naked Lunch Records

Downloading for Kerstin Eden & Pascal Feos, thx

Florian Meindl

unchained is cool!

Paco Osuna / Plus 8

Will try thanks 😉

2000 And One (100% Pure, Intacto) / 100% Pure

Deeply Contented for me

Sasha / Renaissance

Deeply Contended is phat

Danny Tenaglia / Twisted America Records


Paul Ritch

downloaded for paul ritch

Dave Angel / Apollo, Rotation Records, Polydor/Love, OuterRythum, React Records, Island

thanks, will listen to it first

Luciano Esse / Safari Electronique, Out-Er, Leftroom, Material Series

Nice EP! All the tracks are good! Will play them!

Nick M / Code Glasgow

Thrust is my pick


Downloaded for Joseph Capriati, thanks.

Riva Starr

Downloading for Riva Starr, will send feedback if it makes into our selection, thx!

Stacey Pullen / Blackflag Recordings

cool thanks


Sasha Carassi / Drumcode, Weave Music, Rekluse, Remain Records


Markantonio / 1605, Alchemy, Impact Mechanics, Loose Recordings

Downloading for Markantonio…thanks for the music!!!

Patrick Pulsinger (Disko B, R&S) / Cheap


DJ Hi-Shock / Advanced Human / Gynoid Audio

will spin Deeply Contented, thx

Benjamin Damage / 50 Weapons, Ten Thousand Yen


ATAXIA / Culprit LA

Very proper release. Will be working this out in our sets! Thank you for good music.

Pierre Deutschmann / Micro.fon / Kiddaz.fm / H-Productions

fantastic work, will try all of them, thx

Axel Karakasis / Remain Records

downloading, thanks!!

Spiros Kaloumenos / 1605, Naked Lunch Records, !Organism


Andrew Till / Machine

Deeply Contented for me, thanks

Static Plate / Chamaeleon Records, Kollektives Bewusstsein

Great Work !

Kali Modernphase / Como Las Grecas

Strongs sounds. i LIKE IT.

Frank Savio / Driving Forces Rec, Brood Audio, Harthouse

massive tunes!

Louk / 24/7 Magazine, Core Magazine, Eat Music FM, Digitally Imported – DI.FM

Simple, yet very atmospheric, me likey!

DEAS / KMS Records/ BUSH Records /Secret Room

great Ep ! i will play !

Kill Ref / Darknet

Nice & Useful. Thanxx !!

Angel Costa / CLR, Electric Deluxe, Rez, Brood Audio

Good ep. Thanks!

Miki Craven / Dead Rose Records, The Wild Division Records, Kobayashi Records

deeply contented

Dastin / Dual Force Records, Phobiq, Globox, Dirty Stuff Records, Sisma, Keep On Techno, Techment, Subcult, Patterns

Deeply Contented forme ! Thanks

Jo Psarados aka Single Man / White Lab ltd, 1605, New Republik

nice work!! all 3 in the bag! thanks


solid grooves here.

Monomood / Abstract Animal | Shtum | Etui

Deeply Contented is the best track here for me

Dukes / Secret Garden Radio

Deeply Contented for me 🙂

Mike Wall / Sleaze Records, Wall Music ,Smallroom Music, Parlez, Tic Tac Toe Records

i really like josh´s production… great work..drop them all

Marco Asoleda / Amazone Records, Blind Spot, Elektrax,

great vibes !! thx u

Ondrej / KUMQUAT

Proper Techno tracks! Thanks

UNGAR / Monocline, Kaputt, NuLabel


Raymundo Rodriguez / Jaded London

cool vibes

Mimetic / Mimetic / Electron Festival / Headfun


Hannu Ikola / Etherwerks

Strong beats, I like the energy here. Great release! Thanks

Luca Agnelli / (Etruria Beat, Desolat, Safari, Truesoul)

nice pack tnx


Yeah Deeply Contented is rocking!!

Adriatique / Diynamic Music, Cityfox, Culprit

Thrust and Contented for us!

Josh Garett / Subspec

Deeply Contented is the one for me

Simo Lorenz / Driving Forces, Nachtstrom, Wall Music

Thrust for me !

Michel van den Berg / ID&T, UHM, Cyndium

Unchained. Best track in this release. Support!

David Escudero / DRO

Deeply Contented for me! Thanks!

Madloch / Sound Avenue / Crossfade Sounds / 3rd Avenue / Protonradio

Deeply Contented for me, tnx

Patrick Carrera / Paranoid Dancer


Enrico Sangiuliano / Drumcode / gem


DEMON.I/O / Suspecies

Unchained for me… Thanks

Coeter / Kaputt-Musik

Josh is getting better and better. Whole EP is really nice. I will test it. Thanks for promo.

Steam / Nightvision

Unchained is my favourite


downloading, thanks

The Binary Mind / Decoder Recordings

nice ep, tnx!

Joh Erba


30drop / 30drop

Sounds Good!

Finn / Dancefield

Great EP! Thumbs up, thanks!

Sone / From 0-1

Deeply Contented is sick!

Matt Heize /Xentrix / Recode Music /ion music

nice vibe

Van Czar / Bonzai Music/KMS Records

Good Techno!

F.E.M. / KMS Records / Brique Rouge / Neverending / Reload

Deeply Contented for me !!! Thank you this bombe is crazy !!!!

Mikael Jonasson / Drumcode, Figure

will try the Deeply Contented track! thanks

Fandino / We Do Techno

Cool tracks on this EP! last two tracks are my fav, thanks!

Jermaine Santiago / In Deep Productions

Downloading to try out, thanks

Unjin / ECI Korea / Club Vurt

Deeply Contented for me. Thx!

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